Chara der Woche: Rikaritta Aries

17 Sep

Rikaritta habe ich erst durch „Sakura Wars: So long my love“ richtig kennengelernt. Jetzt gehört sie zu meinen Lieblingscharas aus Sakura Wars. Na ja, eigentlich mag ich ja so gut wie alle Mädels ^^

Astronomical Namesake: Aries
Place of Origin: Mexico
Seiyū: Ayaka Saito
Birthdate: April 2, 1917
Age: 11
Height: 120 cm
Weight: 21 kg
Blood Type: O

Fenics Unit:
AT-05C „Shooting-Star“
Height: 4m
Weight: 4.5m
Color: Lime Green
Weapon: Gun Master (2-barrel shotgun) x2

A singer, dancer, and despite her young age, bounty hunter. She wields twin Remington Model 1858 revolvers, one gold plated and the other silver plated. A very energetic young girl, she loves to play around with the others. Due to how she grew up, her knowledge of the world is somewhat limited. Rika is a perfectionist which is caused by when her father drowned in a flooding river. Rika has a very hearty appetite and will often eat a lot of food (which much of her bounty hunting money goes to). She carries around a pet weasel named Niko (Niccolo in the English version), which also (to the dismay of her teammates) serves as emergency rations in case she cannot find something to eat.

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