Chara der Woche: Coquelicot

15 Okt

Ich muss zugeben, dass ich über Coquelicot nicht sehr viel weiß. Vielleicht sollte ich die Paris-OVAs noch mal schauen ^^

Floral Namesake: corn poppy (French: „Coquelicot“)
Place of Origin: Vietnam
Talents: Stage Magic

Koubu-F Unit/Koubu-F2 Unit:
Colour: Blush Pink
Weapons: Magical Baton and Horn Missile Launchers

Birthdate: October 10, 1914
Age: 11(3)→12(4)
Height: 142 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Blood Type: A
Theme Song: „Issyo ni Arukou“

A Vietnam Orphan who was raised up as a young magician in a circus. She works and lives with a circus named „Circus De Europe“. She was always seen collecting leftovers in the town market and treating the circus animals as her friends. Even though she was treated badly by the ringmaster and always seen smiling all the time, yet she is actually trying to hide her sad feelings of loneness. During the first encounter with Ogami, she first refers to him as „Oji-san“ (which in Japanese means „Old man“) yet later she calls him Ichiro all the time. After Ogami notice her background in the circus, he felt pity of her.
Soon, a new performer named Karuchera joins in the circus. She heard her stories of her losing her daughter, assuming that both are in the same boat, she decides to call her „Mama“. The truth is that Karuchera is actually Python in her human form (see her profile). Luckily, Ogami and Erica reveals her true identity and she manage to chase her away when Python taken her as hostage. As she used up all her powers and brought back to Chattes Noires, Grand Mere intends to take her as a member of the Hanagumi but Ogami tells Grand Mere to let her decide since she has a sorrowful background, not knowing that she was already awake. In the end, she becomes a member of the Paris Hanagumi. After the Paris Hanagumi kills Python, she works as the ringmaster (after the original Ringmaster is murdered by Python) in the morning and as a magician in Chattes Noires. Like Erica, she does not use any stage name to cover her identity.

In Sakura Taisen: Le Nouveau Paris, she assumes that she and Hanabi does not have any parents until Masamichi Kitaoji, Hanabi’s father comes during their turn for a lookout for the grave robber. She even saves everyone from getting suspected by Masamichi by telling him that Hanabi , her and the rest of the gang are working in the circus since Kagekidan can either mean „Assault Force“ or „Entertainment Troupe“, after Erica accidentally spills out their true identity. But during Hanabi’s performance, Evian spills out their working place, Chattes Noires, and Masamichi volunteer to get onto the stage. Assuming that he’ll take her back, she tells him that she’ll not let her take her back to Japan and a few parental speech. But it turns out otherwise as he is actually wants to see her smile.

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3 Antworten zu “Chara der Woche: Coquelicot

  1. Stalkzilla

    15. Oktober 2010 at 23:35

    Liegt es an mir oder hast du deine Seite wirklich vergrößert? Also auch von der Schriftgröße her… Wenn du das gemacht hast… dann muss ich sagen… Glückwunsch, jetzt lesen das sogar blinde xD Wenn nicht, muss ich mal schauen welche Einstellungen sich bei mir geändert haben xD

    • Matsu

      16. Oktober 2010 at 10:18

      Bis auf den neuen Header habe ich nichts am Design geändert, das muss an deinen Einstellungen liegen ^^

  2. Shino-Bakura

    20. Oktober 2010 at 08:12

    Ich kenne die süße zwar nicht, aber fuck yes, ein Loli in Unterwäsche. I’m in!


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